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Our artists

We are honoured to be working with talented artists from developing countries such as South Africa.

We are inspired by the stories our artists create. They are personal, cultural, emotional and above-all, beautiful. Each artwork steers us towards the prints we develop for our collections.

They are designed to enhance the interpretation of each story and create a platform for our developing artists to be recognized and acknowledged for their talents.

We also love the idea of creating opportunities for our consumers to gain access to art and culture through fashion. It energizes us as a brand and towards our next talented artist and artwork.



SS 18
"I’m always intrigued by how kids live life, enjoy each moment without worry about tomorrow, living with joy and wonder for all the things that around them, with so much to explore.” Sizwe Khoza





AW 17 | 18
“Throughout the years growing up with my people I am continually inspired by their stories and lifestyles. I feel that there is much need for me to tell their stories through my art. At the same time I am able to expand my work to include different techniques and styles to cater to all art lovers.”– Holmes





SS 17
Sthenjwa’s interest in arts and crafts started at the young age of Seven where he used to make cars made from wire. This evolved into sketching and animations, then ceramics and fine arts.

Sthenjwa went on to study fine arts and was awarded outstanding artist of the year in 2011 through the Durban University of Technology. In his work, Sthenjwa looks...






AW 16 | 17
Esaias has worked in township communities for years developing youth and supporting
developing art. He has a big heart, an eye for the peculiar, a passion for culture and connects with others through the flavours of Africa.

Our new collection characterises the nobility and character of community leaders as brought to life through the symbolic influence of the African Kudu in the wild..





SS 16 
This collection characterises the strength of women. Women continue to be suppressed in communities all around the world but Esaias has been able to share a powerful story through his art from a community in South Africa, known as the Ndebele Tribe. The Ndebele's are an African ethnic group living in South Africa and Zimbabwe known for their artistic talent, especially with regard to their painted houses and colourful beadwork..





AW 15 | 16

Nicolaas has always been fascinated by different cultures and art forms. He is very drawn to the Bushmen from South Africa, also revered as the oldest known civilisation in the country. He is particularly fascinated by the way the bushmen lived and their cultural beliefs of more than 20,000 years ago, which he captures in his print creation. As Fashion is one of the oldest known cultures in the world as well, we felt it fitting that this beautiful story be brought together in orchestrating the launch of Rhumaa with our 1st collection.