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Pip Tully



The story is about ‘ONENESS’, human differences and making a difference. Although small and insignificant, we have the ability to make our own  decisions and in doing so, make change. It is a reminder that we, as individual parts of a larger society, can collectively make a positive impact on the environment. 


‘My belief is that it will only be possible to create a truly beneficial, workable culture of sustainability in any city, country, etc, if we are actively  collaborating and gathering insights from a wide variety of different groups of  people (in terms of how they are affected by sustainable projects). Essentially,  collaboration and diversity are both key in finding sustainable solutions to  problems!’



Pip Tully is a young contemporary, multimedia and figurative  artist. This artwork is inspired by the concept of human  difference and the multitude of ways it can manifest in any  given society. Having always loved working with imagery  which is closely linked to nature, she has recently been loving  more human-centered subject matter. Pip is fascinated by  human difference and loves to collaborate with/talk to people  who are vastly different to her because they provide her with  opportunities to learn and grow in her art-making processes. In  the future Pip would like to explore difference and diversity in her art to advocate for real change. 


‘I was brought up around people who mainstream society would  deem ‘different’ and I have witnessed a great deal of unfair/ unequal/unjust treatment of the people I care about just because  they are a bit different. That is what has motivated me to create  art which explores and probes the concept of human difference  (in both critical and positive ways).’