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Sizwe was born two years before the end of the Civil War in his country of birth in Mozambique and moved to South Africa in 1995.

 “I grew up in Mozambique and I use that as an inspiration in my work, growing up all I could see were children like me and mothers doing their best to raise us, it seemed like a fatherless society and that reflects in my work.”

He matriculated in 2010 whilst attending Saturday classes at Artist Proof Studio,which followed in a residency at William Humphrey Art Gallery. By 2014 Sizwe started teaching printmaking for first and second year students full time.

Sizwe travels to Mozambique twice every year to take photographs and create new works inspired by his visit back home. Khoza specialises in painting, monotype and combined printmaking techniques and recently has had numerous exhibitions.


‘Human Nature’ is about how kids live, enjoy each moment without worry about tomorrow, living with joy and wonder for all the things that around them and with so much to explore”. It was inspired by how we should look at life through the eye of a child.

Sizwe continues to build his skills as a painter he feels the paint stripes in this piece symbolise energy, as do the colours. The big spot represents the hot sun of Mozambique during the time of the drought.

 Most of Sizwe works represents individuals he is related to or people he knows. The boys in this painting are a few he encountered on one of his trips home. They're in an open field, but the field is used for growing crops and during this visit the land was dry.


“Art is a reflection of emotions. When you see it, it must spark something inside you.”


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