Sthenjwa’s interest in arts and crafts started at the young age of Seven where he used to make cars made from wire. This evolved into sketching and animations, then ceramics and fine arts.

Sthenjwa went on to study fine arts and was awarded outstanding artist of the year in 2011 through the Durban University of Technology. In his work, Sthenjwa looks at our diverse ways of living in a contemporary society. He sees culture shifts and great adaptations made in society which affects belief systems and customs. Get ready for our new collection to see more of what Sthenjwa brings to the world!

Sthenjwa’s art prints are personal to him. In the print we use for our new collection, he sees generations adopting a western life and the complexities of life that cloud traditional ways. He uses modern colours and round shapes. Circles relate to life circles and wholeness . He draws inspiration from circular objects because they are fluid, open, whole and complete.

Take a closer look at the Holding On To Wholeness collection, inspired by Sthenjwa’s artwork, HERE.

Learn more about Sthenjwa and his art in the 'Holding on to Wholeness' artist video below.