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Positive Impact

Positive impact



We have goals, BIG GOALS!  Like most brands, we sell products.  But not like most brands, we want to positively impact the world for the better by making good products and doing good things along the way.

  1. We aim to continue innovating.  It’s a no-brainer
  2. We aim to build connections to help each other
  3. We invest in what we want and our journey to making a difference
  4. We invite your thoughts.  We can only make it better - together
  5. We want to share.  The more you know, the more we all grow.
  6. We build through empowerment and trust
  7. We have a responsibility as a brand and want nothing more than to use it for good.

As a fashion brand, we are focussed on making a change for the better. This is about working towards sustainable goals and thinking positively about change.

We are fashioning action by prioritising product innovation through reliable and ethical production sources and upcycling, repurposing and recycling efforts.  

We  use sustainable fabrics and encourage our customers to make healthy life choices that impact the environment positively.

With positive thinking and action, we can all do our bit, little by little.  Positive impact is at the forefront of our brand movement and we do this by taking charge and helping you feel part of our journey.




To reduce waste and repurpose where we can, we use our leftover fabrics to create new products.  These products can be purchased in our Foundation shop as a non-profit item with proceeds that goes back to our Rhumaa Foundation.




Every person or business we collaborate with share like-minded values with us, from sustainable practices, to sustainable goals and acts of positive impact.  

We help promote stories of impact, to our project partners who support us with empowering and developing in Africa, to our sustainable suppliers and manufacturers who focus on making a difference to our customers lives and the planet.

Our circle of friends help make us better in this world and we love them!




We design with the idea that our clothes will last a long long time in your wardrobe. Each garment has a sophisticated, modern edge with classic fit. Our Rhumaa style speaks to the heart of consideration – for both the planet and our lifestyles.




Our manufacturing partners are hand selected to deliver like-minded values and practices on every collection.  

Those involved in making our clothes work in fair conditions, get paid fairly and are healthy and happy in their workplace. 

It’s also hugely important to understand dying practices, plant treatments and the process our clothes go through to determine how sustainable they really are.

Our production partners meet European regulations that prevent harmful chemicals from being used in the making of all their clothes. This process is checked regularly to maintain levels of quality. Each have a number of certificates and policies that address their people, the environment, the fabrics they use, how they use and work with fabrics and health.