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Human nature


in collaboration with south african artist



The story behind Sizwe’s artwork is about the strength of children who survived a 3 year drought in Mozambique, the country he grew up in.

He saw the children’s innocence as a symbol of hope; a sign of the human spirit during the forces of na- ture and the extreme longing for rain.

The drought occurred between 1981-1984 and wrought destruction unlike any other seen in the area and yet the innocence and laughter of the children prevailed, making a massive personal impression on the artist, who at the time was only 6 years old.

‘Human Nature’ is a brief glimpse into Khoza’s simple yet hugely moving idea that the innocence and naivety of youth can carry us through immense hardships.
Khoza now lives in South Africa and travels twice a year to Mozambique to create new works inspired by his visit home.