Holmes Jansen - The Sedgefield Collection


Our recent fashion collection print is by artist Holmes Jansen; a young energetic South African with a passion for art since the age of six.

The print used for our ‘Township Soul’ collection was inspired by an artwork that was from a larger assortment called the “Sedgefield collection”. This is comprised of 40 acrylic illustrations depicting the lifestyle of people living in a small town called Sedgefield, South Africa.

Holmes grew up in this diverse community, which inspired him to capture the lifestyles of his community on canvas.

The story is a very simple one, steeped in every day life. The characters display a sense of community and unity. 

“What connects me to this piece is the fact that I grew up in this community so I know what their lives are like and what they do everyday”

- Holmes Jansen  


We strive to provide our collaborating artists with an international platform, not only through our fashions but also through art sales.

This opportunity has been created by Rhumaa to help build additional revenue streams for all collaborating artists and with hope that they can further amplify their dreams to succeed with the exceptional talents they nurture.


All artworks can be purchased though South African art gallery "ART IT IS" 

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