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Our Virtue Moonlit Jumpsuit has been made in Portugal with 100% lyocell.

You will feel beautiful and comfortable with this jumpsuit.  It has a smooth, matt and relaxed fit with a soft flow.


Half sleeve, long flowy jumpsuit with adjustable waist tie, v-neckline and button stand.



This fabric has a suede like softness, and a silky-smooth finish that drapes beautifully.  It's made to flatter just about every figure which we love.  You can’t help but adore this luxurious fabric from nature!  Its the ultimate in confidence for you!



We LOVE lyocell!

This is an eco friendly, environmentally and sustainable fabric. Made from wood pulp cellulose, it is produced in a solvent spinning process that is organic, sustainable and uniquely revolutionary.

This item has been made in portugal, fully operated  by women. Around twenty women work in the company with all their own specialty. They have a good eye for detail and deliver a high quality craft. Because of the small size of the company it  provides transparency and let us have a close relationship with them  We prefer to work with suppliers that are located nearby so we decrease our CO2 emissions with transport.

Portugal is a low risk country which means that the employees working conditions and wages are to standard. We visiting our factories in Portugal regularly and work closely with our partners in Portugal. By doing this we get good impressions of who we work with and if it’s up to the environmental and social standards we aim for.






  • It's 100% biodegradable
  • It's made from the natural cellulose found in wood pulp.
  • It's created with colour-stay in mind
  • It has natural breathability
  • It has 50% greater moisture absorption than cotton.
  • It's anti-bacterial
  • It's soft, breathable and comfortable
  • It's great for sensitive and/or allergenic skin
  • It's durable and resistant to wrinkles.



  • This fabric should can be machine washed on a delicate cycle or hand washed in cold water. 
  • Permanent press / Drip Dry is recommended
  • Iron, Steam with low heat
  • Do Not Bleach


Note: You can expect slight shrinkage of about 3% with the first wash.  Lyocell garments will will resist shrinking thereafter.