Being more aware and taking a healthy approach towards a changing fashion industry doesn't exactly happen over night. It's a journey, but it's one we are very proud to be on and take incredibly seriously within our business.


We are invested to take an active and mindful approach to the production of each and every collection item, along with our suppliers, our staff and our general approach to business.

We produce quality garments for forward-thinking customers who want to understand more about where their clothes come from, how they were made and by whom. Our customers have a healthy respect for what they buy and why. They are interested in the story and have an enquiring mind when it comes to their wardrobe and we're happy to be on their radar.


We believe in an ethical approach to creation, natural fabrics and transparent processes. These align to our business values and build purpose with everything we do.

Our idea of consciousness goes beyond having a healthy respect for how fashion is produced, as it's also about taking a proactive approach towards building a more considered fashion community and about helping our customers think more about what they buy and why.


We are working towards certifications for fair practice and work with carefully selected partners and suppliers to ensure we are all headed towards the same goal with the same shared values.


Caring about what we wear and understanding how our fashions are made goes a long way to building a more positive and respected view on the fashion industry as a whole. We are fully invested in this journey and are proud to be part of this changing economy.


Thank you for caring as much as we do!