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Uniting art and sustainable fashion to positively impact the world around us!

"Several years ago, I went to South Africa where I fell in love with street art and the stories behind them.  I then made a trip to India where I stumbled across a few poorly managed clothing manufacturers. These sweatshops made me want to help promote change for them and the industry as a whole. Both trips fuelled my idea to build an ethical and sustainable story-telling fashion brand that could benefit others" ~ Daniel Beernink (CEO), 2014

We have a real passion for sustainable fashion, impactful art and making an honest difference out there!

Our collections are timeless and sophisticated with modern, soft tailoring and an inspirational art print.

Every collection unveils a unique and powerful story; expressed through print, design, colour, details, and high quality sustainable fabrics.  No stone unturned!

We are focused on building up products of purpose and making tracks to a more sustainable future.  We realise a journey takes time and most of our big ideas need to start with small beginnings, but we are on our way and continue to build onto our green goals every day.  

On our path, we share impact art stories from sustainable art communities and donate into the Rhumaa Foundation where we support sustainable programs and projects in South Africa. Our clothes are made in fair conditions by communities and people who have a love for nature and the environment like us.

We build onto our sustainable fabric library every collection and look at building new ideas to create circular practices as a whole.  We recycle fabrics, look for ways to reduce waste and repurpose where we can. Little by little, we head towards a greener future and we’re thrilled to be doing our bit.

Above all, we want our customers to feel incredible in our clothes, not just when or how they choose to wear them but also why they choose to wear them.

We support sustainable communities, collaborations and work with like-minded suppliers - all with a need to a steer change in fashion and the environment as a whole.



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Owner | CEO

Meet our CEO Daniel; a hard working creative entrepreneur with a love for fashion, business and people.

Daniel has a passion for life, but no more so than Africa; his home away from home. As the brain-child behind Rhumaa, he brings a wealth of passion and inspiration to the business each and every day. We are fuelled by his enthusiasm, his attentiveness and drive that steers honest fashion and messages into an ever changing industry.



Creative Director

Meet the brains behind every image, every picture and every visual creation our brand represents.

Jan is our multi-talented creative director who is at the bow of our ship, directing our creative visions from dream to reality, be it brand or fashion. Life would be a little dull without the colour Jan brings to our team and brand and collections.



Marketing Director

Meet our very social marketing director, Rachelle. Rachelle invests heart and soul into the brand, ensuring we communicate all we do in honest and relevant ways. She invests her values and love for culture and travel into all she does and believes her job is a true reflection of herself. She has a natural love for people, nature and the world around her.



Account manager

Meet Charlotte, our eager, passionate sales accountant. She invests her bubbly personality into the understanding of every item she needs to explain and sell to others. We love her enthusiasm for our brand and for fashion. We know you will too.



Fashion Designer

Meet Paige, one of our talented fashion designers. Paige is passionate about design, innovation and creativity. She can turn a dream into a reality using local flair and a global approach.

She is a keen team player who strives to deliver on brand with a unique creative flair; bringing complex considerations to design and timeless qualities that emphasis statements on their own.

Fashion is Paige’s life. Style and expression is apart of her every day and every thought. We are honoured to have her on the Rhumaa team.



Fashion Designer

Meet Amber-Rose, one of our talented fashion designers. Amber has a flair for design and a passion for detail. She loves exploring creativity within fashion, photography, design and illustration as well as social media.

Amber believes in creating socially conscious clothes that benefit all. Her ability to interpret ideas into design is impeccable and she weaves a little bit of balance into every collection.

Amber brings a love for silhouette, fabric and aesthetic and offers a simplistic solutions in design. She is a fast, organised and a beautiful soul, interested in reading, researching, fabrics and fashion in general. We are honoured to have her part of our team.



Production Manager

Introducing Vera, our detail-orientated production manager! Vera produces the most important aspect of our business, our fashion garments! Having worked for major fashion brands around the world, Vera brings international flair not only to Rhumaa but also to supplier relationships and innovative thinking into every collections. She is passionate about creativity, life and family and invests herself heart and soul into everything she does.



Operational Manager

This is Marleen, our super organised operational manager. Marleen has studied business and ensures all operations and logistics are taken well care of inside our organisation. She manages finances, business queries and delivers all items to our customers and retailers with care and precision. We would be lost without her!


TON VAN VUREN                                          

Co-Owner | Investor

Meet Ton, Rhumaa’s investor and one of Rhumaa’s business owners. Ton invests into Rhumaa with a full heart. He steers his ship with sincerity and love for Rhumaa’s values and dream. He believes in making the world a better place through honest practice and offerings. We are honoured to have him under our wings and guide.