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Wardrobe waste-line!

It’s getting warmer and we’ll all be thinking about eating healthier, watching what we eat and eating more greens. But we should also be taking a good hard look at whats clogging up the wardrobe and start tightening the waste-line in there too!

Slimming down on all the rubbish buys and the seasonal, once off wears is as easy as deciding to live a healthier lifestyle, eating cleaner and knowing its time to feel better about yourself. Buying with a little purpose can set you up for healthy habits far into the future.  Understanding more about how our clothes were made,  who by and in what kind of environment is a good start. We all need start asking more questions.

 Buying from companies who are transparent about their processes and production lines helps make informed decisions about whether you are buying an item that has been through an ethical process or not. How much waste lives in your wardrobe?  Have you ever stopped to count how many items you’e only ever worn once,or never or that have fallen apart after a few washes? How do you feel in these clothes?  When you buy with intent, you have time to consider whats already in your wardrobe, what you need and all the why’s.  In better if it coms with a really great story you can share as well. You wardrobe will not only start to look better, but you will feel better, your clothes will last longer and best of all, it’s completely guilt free!

So clear out the cobwebs, toss those over manufactured garments out.  Look forward and buy with an open heart and an open mind. Approach shopping with a less is more attitude and buy smartly.  Your wardrobe will thank you and you will thank yourself!