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Think Inward


Introducing a thought-provoking collection and personally moving fashion story about self worth and inner strength we call; THINK INWARD.


This collection translates simplistic art into minimalistic, timeless designs.  The art print represents personal strength, with aim of inspiring others to discover more about themselves by looking at the world around them.

Each garment and silhouette have been translated from the art itself, which expresses identity, confidence and contrast.  This further enhances the sophistication and timeless style of the Rhumaa signature.

The fabrics used in this collection include 100% lyocell, 100% cotton and 100% cupro, together with several fabric blends and 100% silk.

Details and natural textures play a large role in bringing the art in this collection to life as well.  The natural fabrics used have been hand selected to not just tell the story better but to fit well, wear well and live longer.

Earth tone and Ocean blues make a splash in our collection but it’s the sun-drenched yellow that capture our hearts most this season.







think inward