Celebrating our artists on South Africa’s Heritage Day!



Sizwe Khoza

                               By Sizwe Khoza - Featured artist spring summer 2018

Art and fashion have a celebrated history of collaborating, so the idea of combining art and fashion may not be new, but what Rhumaa offers is somewhat of a cultural difference.


The idea for Rhumaa started in a rural community in South Africa. Founder / owner, Daniel Beernink discovered many talented artists with limited opportunity while there and soon developed the idea of a fashion brand to bring art, culture and fashion together.

The emerging artists celebrated through the Rhumaa brand initiative are just breaking into the art world but they share one thing in common; they all express a personal or cultural story, either in the artwork itself or in how the art was made.

Today, South Africans everywhere, regardless of their cultural background are celebrating Heritage Day. While the South African ‘Braai’ (or BBQ) will dominate homes around the country, many will spend the day discussing the change and diversity South Africa represents today. It is a day to celebrate the heritage that makes up the nation; but it also en-ables Rhumaa to not only acknowledge their South Africa artists, but bring attention to cultural heritage outside of South Africa, which they feel needs to be celebrated everywhere.


What makes South Africa unique is the amount of creative talent arising from a time of change. Today, this is expressed through cultural creativity, be it traditional activities, the arts, culinary experiences, adventure,travel or sport.


Young emerging artists use their talents to tell stories of their past and present, some challenging, some painful but many that embrace the warmth of their community, upbringing and culture. Above all, the sto-ries are honest, real and emotive; something that everyone can relate to.

So today, in celebration of South Africa Heritage Day, Rhumaa extends thanks to the talented artists and creatives who bring light to their past and the expression of their experiences. These stories deserve to be shared and celebrated with everyone.

“We are honoured to be working with such incredible artists who don their art through our fashion collections every year and who help share their very local stories into the world.” - Daniel Beernink

5% of Rhumaa’s turnover goes to the Rhumaa Foundation to help develop creative skills for young emerging artists in South Africa. All of the Rhumaa artists gain global opportunities through promotion and the sale of their artwork.

For more information or enquiries, please visit our website www.Rhumaa.com

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