Age is a Beautiful Number


Her stylish look and grey locks are right on trend. She wears sophisticated and classy little black dresses and she doesn’t feel a year older than 30. She decided that age is a beautiful number and not one that is destined to define her.


Welcome to 2018! Another year to celebrate you, your individuality and above all, your youthful self, no matter how old you are turning this year!


The numbers game is inescapable and reminds us year after year, that gravity is real and grey isn’t a fleeting trend. But there’s light in our tunnel. We do bench presses like our younger selves and run further than ever. We eat healthier. We live better. We experience more. We wear our clothes with confidence and look younger and younger the older we get. Of course, that may just all be in our mind, but then again, it’s our mindset that matters most.


In the words of fashion icon Iris Apfel, “I think a woman has her own style and knows who she is. She doesn’t have to dress for being 60 or 20 or 90”.


The ‘ageless’ approach to living is trending everywhere and gives brands more fluidity in their design, rather than designing for a particular age group. This is great because now women of any age no longer need to live with stereotyped stigmas of their past generation. They can feel confident and stylish wearing clothes that suit their lifestyle, personality and mindset by remaining true to themselves and youthful at the same time.


“Self-image plays an important role in a consumer’s purchase, product and brand choice.” (Sirgy et al., 2006). This means self confidence, self awareness, self purpose and self drive help consumers decide if products will work for them. What we do on weekends, who we spend time with and how creative we are all play a role in the clothes we choose to wear, young or old.


Today we are ‘always on’, living faster and better informed lives. We are better connected even though our lifestyles may be more demanding and we are more self-aware, valuing authenticity and self-worth so much more. There’s perhaps no better time to celebrate our identity and perhaps explore the person we are this year, no matter our age!


So lets get honest about a few things. Life is too short to worry about age and age is too long to worry about what others think. Age is just a beautiful number after all.


And with this, we wish you a sophisticated, youthful 2018, no matter your age. We celebrate women, artistic expression and life in full colour everywhere!

Here’s to a beautiful year ahead!

Photograph credits: Masters Models
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Christmas on the beach!

 Photo credit: Photographer Denis Dailleux


Ever wondered what it would feel like to spend Christmas on the beach? In many parts of the world, this is quite normal.


Traditions at Christmas are as diverse as religion, culture and heritage, but the traditions of Christmas between north and the south are worlds apart!


Where ever you live in the world, many have grown up with Christmas cards, decorations and ornaments representing the traditions of a cold, white Christmas from the northern hemisphere, together with the origins of Santa Claus from the North Pole. The colder regions bring warm food, snuggly clothes, glühwein, egg nog, light festivals, snowmen,snow fights, ice skating, Christmas markets, nativity plays, Christmas carollers and family get togethers around warm open fires.


There is something magical and dreamy about the idea of a white Christmas in the north, but what happens when it’s boiling hot and the magic of snow is no where to be found? That’s right, you look for the magic of a beach!


South Africans, like many other countries celebrating Christmas down south, embrace the spirit of the season in pretty relaxed ways. The season is also all about family and gift giving, but it’s generally hot… very, very hot and so it’s often equally about a fan, a cold beer and a wonderful sandy beach!


Of course, it depends how your own family tradition all pans out. Some African communities celebrate with dance and special homemade brews, but there’s much cross over around festivities, comprising of meats, cold beer, bare feet, sand angels, bikini’s and watermelon. Above all, once these so-called formalities are out the way, the next best tradition is a backyard pool, a really cool inflatable and more than likely a beach!


Some will pack a picnic lunch and head for the closest beach on Christmas day, but the beach tradition is celebrated mostly on boxing day when swarms of families head for the coast to test out new summer attire and beach gifts. There’s really is something magical about the sizzle of the salt on your skin in the sea at Christmas. With towel in hand, lavishes of sunblock, fashionable hats and umbrellas; the sounds of happy children fill the beaches with a summery sort of seasonal joy. They all seek one thing, relief from the weather! Around Christmas, temperatures can soar into the 30s (degrees celsius) and in some southern countries, up into the 40s. It’s therefore no surprise that everyone heads to the water for a splash down.


Santa hats and funny Christmas traditions fill a beach with a reminder that we are united by the celebration of the season and of course by nature herself; a true blessing in these parts of the world. So, whether it be white snow or white sand, Christmas is still all about the celebration of joy, family and togetherness and we raise a glass to that!


Merry Christmas, where ever you are in the world and whatever you get up to!


Header Photo Credit: No Stop Destination, Platboom Beach, Cape Point

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Clothes, good enough to eat!


Everyone is a little more focussed on eating better, exercising more and maybe even wearing clothes that is nearly good enough to eat!


So, while we don’t recommend you eat our clothes, we can tell you that some of our garments don vegan certificates, approved by the European Vegetarian union.


And while this may all seem a little too green for your wardrobe and too veggie for your palate, think again.  What we love most about a label like this, isn’t how deliciously healthy it sounds but in the qualities, the transparency and the clarity it delivers to those who buy our fashion collections.


Fabrics such as Cupro and recycled Polyester fabrics don’t contain animal proteins or products.  This means they are all Vegan and we are proud to say we use these to create several of our garments, such as our Philosophy Top, Urban Top, Community Shirt,  and our Khosa Dress.





The V-Label is an internationally recognised, registered symbol for labelling vegan and vegetarian products and services. For consumers, it is a simple and reliable guide to help them when they are shopping. With the V-Label, companies promote transparency and clarity. Standardised criteria ensure that the V-Label is a unique seal of quality for vegan and vegetarian products all across Europe.


We support conscious decisions in the fashion industry and for our consumers.  We believe shoppers should receive clear and concise information about what they buy, and also who and how clothes are made.  It’s a healthy, mindful step to wearing clothes that mean more to those who wear them.





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Celebrating our artists on South Africa’s Heritage Day!



Sizwe Khoza

                               By Sizwe Khoza - Featured artist spring summer 2018

Art and fashion have a celebrated history of collaborating, so the idea of combining art and fashion may not be new, but what Rhumaa offers is somewhat of a cultural difference.


The idea for Rhumaa started in a rural community in South Africa. Founder / owner, Daniel Beernink discovered many talented artists with limited opportunity while there and soon developed the idea of a fashion brand to bring art, culture and fashion together.

The emerging artists celebrated through the Rhumaa brand initiative are just breaking into the art world but they share one thing in common; they all express a personal or cultural story, either in the artwork itself or in how the art was made.

Today, South Africans everywhere, regardless of their cultural background are celebrating Heritage Day. While the South African ‘Braai’ (or BBQ) will dominate homes around the country, many will spend the day discussing the change and diversity South Africa represents today. It is a day to celebrate the heritage that makes up the nation; but it also en-ables Rhumaa to not only acknowledge their South Africa artists, but bring attention to cultural heritage outside of South Africa, which they feel needs to be celebrated everywhere.


What makes South Africa unique is the amount of creative talent arising from a time of change. Today, this is expressed through cultural creativity, be it traditional activities, the arts, culinary experiences, adventure,travel or sport.


Young emerging artists use their talents to tell stories of their past and present, some challenging, some painful but many that embrace the warmth of their community, upbringing and culture. Above all, the sto-ries are honest, real and emotive; something that everyone can relate to.

So today, in celebration of South Africa Heritage Day, Rhumaa extends thanks to the talented artists and creatives who bring light to their past and the expression of their experiences. These stories deserve to be shared and celebrated with everyone.

“We are honoured to be working with such incredible artists who don their art through our fashion collections every year and who help share their very local stories into the world.” - Daniel Beernink

5% of Rhumaa’s turnover goes to the Rhumaa Foundation to help develop creative skills for young emerging artists in South Africa. All of the Rhumaa artists gain global opportunities through promotion and the sale of their artwork.

For more information or enquiries, please visit our website

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Interview exclusive with Holmes Jansen



Young Houghmordeen Jansen; better known as Holmes is from Sedgefield in the
Western Cape of South Africa.

He started life in a tough neighbourhood, with what most people would acknowledge
as having the odds stacked against him. However, a special talent revealed itself to
him in primary school.


As time went by his art gave him the encouragement to strive for a better life and the
self-belief to persevere despite the hard times he experienced at home and the
poverty and joblessness he witnessed in his community.



Rachelle Momberg from Rhumaa goes behind the scenes to hear what Holmes Jansen, our
latest Township Soul collection artist has to say about life, his artwork and his art journey.


Rachelle: Can you tell us a little about where you grew up?
Jansen: I’m from Sedgefield; a small town on the Garden Route in Southern Africa. It’s a
diverse community that I grew up in. I like to walk around there and take photos of
interesting looking people and their daily life, then paint that.

Rachelle: When did art start for you?
Jansen: I started drawing from about age six (6) but art really started for me in primary
school when I sold cartoon drawings to go on a school trip. I had my first exhibition at the
age of 15 and numerous murals and collections since. I’ve formed part of a group of artist to
do 3D street art at the Klein Karoo National Arts Festival (KKNK) and become a gallery artist
too recently with my township collections.

Rachelle: What role in society do you have as an artist?
Jansen: My role as an artist is to push the boundaries of art, change the idea of what
society expects and get people to recognise true passion. Also mentoring kids installs a
sense of empowerment for them to awaken their own talent that’s why I’ve taken on the
responsibility of teaching a very young artist how to work in the acrylic medium.

Rachelle: What art styles and techniques do you identify with most?
Jansen: I identify with realistic art that’s able to tell a story because in today’s age, story
telling in art seems to be lessening rapidly. Recently I’ve developed a love for minimalism I
enjoy doing high detailed figures without a background, my reason for this is the fact that
it’s challenging and takes me out of my comfort zone of doing traditional artwork.

Rachelle: Who is your all time favourite artist and inspiration?
Jansen: The Potato Eaters by Vincent Van Gogh is my favourite art piece and coming from
a poverty stricken community and family, I can relate to the story that the work tells.

Rachelle: What is the story behind the artwork we use in the Township Soul collection?
Jansen: The “Sedgefield collection” is a compilation of 40 acrylic illustrations depicting the
lifestyle of people living in Sedgefield. The art piece used by Rhumaa is three children that
were sent to a shop by their parents, an ordinary everyday scene in Sedgefield and can be
found daily.
The clothes that people in the township wear are usually colourful so it was easy for me to
find a wide range of colour to paint figures with. The drips were a result of me exploring
with the acrylic media.
What connects me to this piece is the fact that I grew up in a similar way to the kids in the
artwork and in the same town so I know what their lives are like and what they get up to

Rachelle: What do you like most about this piece?
Jansen: Much like the style I used to illustrate the piece, its story is very simple the
characters shows a sense of community and unity which is what South Africans strive for on
an everyday bases.

Rachelle: When is your favourite time of the day to paint?
Jansen: I like to work in complete silent in the middle of the night then everyone is asleep.

Rachelle: What can we expect in the future from you?
Jansen: As a creative person I’m always looking to evolve and develop my style and
venture into new things. I’ve always had a strong desire to know more or to learn more so
my curiosity has to be the reason for me evolving creatively.
I would one day like to collaborate with England-based graffiti artist Banksy and if possible
do an exhibition with him.

Rachelle: Do you have an inspiration message to share with others?
Jansen: Life is what you put into it and what you make of the journey along the way.
The people you can identify with the most is often those who have been around you
for most of your life.

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